This lesson was shared in March/April 2009
Lesson Plan: Soccer Unit (Lesson 3)

Lesson Objectives
  1. To run with the ball into space
  2. To dribble the ball with control
  3. To work effectively within a group toward common goals
  4. To develop responsible leadership and share in the planning and implementation of lesson
Conceptual/ Tactical Problem
  1. Penetrating opponent's territorial space by running into space with the ball
  2. To maintain possession by keeping the ball under control
Teaching Approach
  1. Sports Education Model
  2. Games Concept Approach
  3. Mosston's Spectrum - Practice, Reciprocal, Self-Check
21st Century and Dispositions
  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Communication
  3. Courage and Confidence
  4. Collaboration
  • Mode: Self (Coach, Manager and Player) and Peer Evaluation (Coach, Manager and Team)
  • Tools: Checklist for game skills performance and drills; Rubrics for coach, manager and team relating to critical thinking, communication, courage and confidence, collaboration
Students had already brainstormed on their roles and responsibilities as a coach, manager, player, sports reporter and photo journalist. They will have to prepare for their roles based on a scheduled they have decided. Lesson plan will be put online at least 1 week before the lesson. Online dribbling resources (from various websites) will be provided.

Activities/ Duration
Technology Use in T&L
Warm-up (10 min)
Collects equipment and lays out the grid for their team (20 by 20 steps ) & then joins the warm-up.
Conducts warm-up activities for their own team (Condition is to use the ball in the warm-up activities).

Game Situation: 1 v 1
Play 1 v 1, goal is to stop the ball at the half-line or goal line depending which side they are attacking.

Sets the context for the lesson (dribbling) through questioning.
Class is group into 4 teams of 5. In teach team, there is a manager, coach, reporter cum phot-journalist and 2 players (manager and coach also play).
Each week, 1 student from each team will assume the roles of reporter and photo jounalist.

Sports Journalist will be responsible for documenting the activities and subsequently publishing the activities recorded on the class newsletter (blogs)
  1. What are the most commonly used skills you see in a football game in order to play the game well? Dribbling, passing and receiving, heading, trapping, tackling, shooting & goal keeping (which most will not mentioned)
  2. What do you need to do to score? Invade opponents' territory.
  3. What are some of the skills that you have mentioned earlier that enables you to invade the opponents' terriority? Dribbling, passing
  4. In what situation(s) do you normally need to run into space with the ball? Counter attack, fast break, plenty of space in front without any opponent
Likely students are unable to stop the ball on the line, they will tend to kick too hard over.
Coach will need to submit warm-up plans to teacher 2 days in advance.
Photo journalists will record the warm-up activities the line.
Prior to Lesson
Students, in groups of 4, will carry out online search to find out about the type of warm-up and drill activities. they will then share in the wikispaces to discuss which activities to adopt.
SC1 (use of wikispaces for discussion), SH1.

After Lesson
Sports Journalist - To produce a vodcast of the game with commentary and interview, and an article in a sports magazine context.
These vodcasts would also capture the performance of the students which could be used for self and peer assessments.
All these would be put up on a class newsletter (blog) for comments

SD 1 (video to capture performances and use it for evaluations), SM 1 (produce podcast with commentary on the game or interview with the players), ST1, ST2 (write a sports article).

Drill #1 (10 min)
Running into space with the ball. Dribble the ball to the halfway line (from the goal line) and back.

Explain to the coach to carry out drill #1, demonstrate the pull back and turn around to change direction.

Explain and implement the drill.

Variation 1:
Master leg, then non-master leg only, boht legs
Variation 2:
Dribble towards each other, when they meet pull back, turn around and dribble back
Variation 3:
Relay race
Students spaced out along goal line and dribble towards half-line and back.

Variation 1, 2:
Students divided into 2 groups with 1 group at half-line and the other at goal line.
Variation 3:
Whole team at goal line.
  1. Did anyone knock over the cones or each other? How can we avoid knocking into the cones and each other? Look up to see where you are going instead of looking at the ball and better ball control (pace, direction and distance from the ball)
  2. How can we be faster? Travel in a straight line and better ball control
Peer evaluations

(a) Is the player able to stop the ball and pull back to change direction?

(a) Did the team cheer for their teammates?
(b) Did the coach and team encourage and praise their team maes?

Manager will evaluate coach's performance.
Manager and coach give feedback to team.

Drill #2 (10 min)
Grid Dribbling - Dribble from within grid to around the cone outside of grid and back (Condition: Player must go around different cone).
Explain to the coach to carry out drill #2 and reinforce teaching points on the checklist.
Explain to team and implement the drill.

Variation 1
Players go around all the 4 cones in the fastest time but each time after going around a cone, they must go back into the grid (Condition: If the ball hit another player or another ball, start all over again).
Variation 2
Players take turns to go around the 4 cones at the fastest time, each player will have at least 2 runs.

Collect equipment
Give feedback to individual player after their run (manager will give feedback to the coach)
Facilitate the different groups by giving feedback to the coaches and players

Grid Dribbling

Variation 1 & 2


Player to reflect on their own performance after each individual run at the 4 cones.
Peer evaluations:
Coach will observe and give feedback on the following points:
(a) Did the player look up during the dribble?
(b) Did the player use both his feet for their dribble?
(c) Did the player use both the inside and outside of their feet during the dribble?
(d) Overall, did the player manage to control?
Photo journalists will record the individual runs.

Drill #3 (10 min)
Coaches' Personal Drill (Condition: Drill must reinforce the dribbling skills)
Teams must submit their drills 2 days before the session.
Coach is allowed to seek team's help in coming out with the drill.
Photo journalists will record this drill.
Criteria for evaluating drill by teacher:
(a) appropriateness
(b) simplicity
(c) implementation
Give feedback to team.

Game: 4 v 4 friendly (10 min)
Organise 4 v 4 games with the other team (Condition: All players must touch the ball before scoring)
Managers will mark out 4 v4 playing area (1/4 of field) and bibs will be provided for all teams.
Photo journalists will record the game and report (written or commentary) on it.
Need to bring in EL or CL or both)

Debrief (5 min)
Teacher to check with class
1. How many can run the ball into space?
2. How many can dribble with both legs?
3. Check if there is any case of disrespect during the lesson.
Students to gather around teacher.
  1. During the game, did anyone lose the ball or the ball is being snatched away by the opponent?
  2. Other than using dribbling to penetrate into opponent's space, what other useful purpose(s) for dribbling can you think of? Dribbling to overcome defender, dribbling to move into a good position to shoot, dribbling to maintain possession (hold the ball until support is available)
Teacher's Evaluation:
Rubrics for Coach and Manger
Self Evaluation:
Rubrics for Coach and Manager
Personal reflection (can be in poem, video, drawing, mindmap format, etc) for coach, manager and reporter cum photo journalist
Peer Evaluation
Coach: Manager's and team's performance
Players: Coach's and Manager's performance
Manager: Team's and Coach's performance (Standard rubrics for coach, manager and team)
After Lesson
SD 1, SC 1