This lesson was shared in March/April 2009
Lesson Plan: Text Type - Expositions / Letters [Texts for Academic and Functional Use]

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to write a letter to persuade the government for or against the use of nuclear energy.
Pre-requisite Knowledge: Students know the language features and structure of a formal letter.

Time: 4 periods
Student Outcomes
Technology Use in T&L
1. EL Teaching Process: Raising Awareness
Pupils visit and view a given website that discusses the effects of nuclear war. They then identify the main points/ gist of the website and subsequently write 2 or 3 sentences to summarise what they have read from the website using Group Scribbles (GS).

Pupils then pick out an image that they found interesting and insert it into the GS platform. Then using Think-Pair-Share, pupils post their responses to the following questions and discuss their selected images with their partners:
  • What do you think happened here?
  • What do you think happened to the person/s in the photo?
  • How do you think they feel?
  • How do you feel when you look at the photo?
  • Intellectual Curiosity
Basic Operations (SK1): Pupils will be manipulating the post-its using Group Scribbles (GS). In this case, they are using GS to summarise what they have read and also using it for personal responses.
2. EL Teaching Process: Guiding Discovery & Instructing Explicitly
After pupils have read the text, the teacher uses Group Scribbles to post questions pertaining to how the language has been used in the website. The teacher invites pupils to post their responses and then leads the class through an analysis in terms of:
  • Lexis: The teacher encourages the pupils to think about the way certain lexical items have been used to reflect the tone of the author.
  • Cohesion: The teacher discusses with the class the various cohesive devices used in the text and their impact on understanding.
  • Credibility: The teacher then discusses with the class the objectivity and subjectivity of the information presented on this website.
  • Critical Thinking (make it explicit that analysis requires breaking things down into parts before being pieced together again)

Basic Operations (SK1): Pupils will be using GS to post responses to Teacher-given questions in order to analyse the use of the language in the website.
3. EL Teaching Process: Enabling Application
Pupils discuss the impact of a nuclear war/ leak in Singapore using a forum. The teacher share 2 online resources with pupils to provide multiple perspectives.

Pupils should then first post their views based on the given topic and after reading 2-3 classmates' responses, adjust their own points of view and post a concluding statement regarding the issue.

Pupils then write a letter individually using a word processor, to the government why Singapore should or should not consider nuclear energy as an alternative energy source. Pupils should pay attention to how lexis and cohesive devices would be used in their texts and think about how they could increase the credibility of what they would be writing about.
  • Collaboration (what kinds of collaboration? think-pair-share?)
  • Communication (what forms of communication - written, oral?)
Online resource 1
Online resource 2
Learning with Text (ST1): Pupils will be creating their responses to the topic using either a forum or a word processor.