Getting to know "ME"

The Activity
  1. Each participant assumes the "persona" of the ICT tool/platform of the card they take.
  2. He/She would describe the features &/or purpose of the tool/platform so that the rest of the participants could guess what tool/plaform he/she "is".

Purpose of this activity

  1. Recap a range tools that we've been exposed to and being able to distinguish the "tool" use, based on its unique features.
    • Through describing, we are able to anchor the key purpose/use of each tool/platform
  2. Be aware of the generic terms used for the "group" of tools (which we normally know them by the product name)

Some of the tools the tools/platforms (and the examples, where applicable) we talked about...

  1. Word Processor: MS Word; Pages; Wordstar
  2. Spreadsheet: MS Excel; Numbers; Lotus
  3. Presentation tool: MS PowerPoint; Key Note
  4. Email: Gmail; YahooMail; Hotmail
  5. Internet Browser: Internet Explorer; Safari; Firefox
  6. Online Chat: iChat; GTalk; MSN
  7. Blog: Blogger; LiveJournal
  8. Wiki: Wikispaces; WetPaint
  9. Online Media Depository: Picassa; Flickr; Youtube
  10. Online Discussion Forum
  11. Tweeter
  12. Google Sketchup
  13. Google Earth; GoogleMap
  14. Media Editing Application/Tool: iMovie; iPhoto; GarageBand
  15. Online Survey: SurveyMonkey; Zoomerang
  16. Mindmapping tool: Bubblus; Inspiration; Mindmeister

As each ICT tool/platform evolves, there are more and more overlapping features across the tools/platforms. More than one tool now can possibly serve the same purpose, Hence, we'll have to think through more thoroughly what we exactly want these tools to do in order to serve our instructional needs before making a quick decision. Do talk and check around.

The remaining section of this page is extracted from the wiki-site: ETD -Technology Standards for Teaching and Learning
( (2009, July 26))

Technology Areas
Here are the six Technology Learning Areas broken down into tool categories, applications and examples in the following order: Search, Spreadsheet, Text, Multimedia, Communication Tools and Data Collection Tools.

Learning with Searches
Learning with Spreadsheet

Learning with Text

Learning with Multimedia

Learning with Online Communication Tools

Learning with Data Collection Tools